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Tesserworks is an ambitious fast growing website founded in 2016- An All in One place with an ambition to suffice the needs and requisites of the outnumbering Internet Users around the Globe, who are Everyouth, tech-savvy and passionate about technology.

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It is an aura of technological excellence. Technology has revolutionized and changed the modern day living. Every day a number of products are launched in the market. So, it becomes necessary to keep updated in order to get the best out of technology.

Keeping all these things in mind Tesserworks has been created to help and provide the necessary information about Latest Apps, App Reviews, Tips and Tricks, Latest QHD Stock Wallpapers and Themes for Android and iOS Phones. Simple How to tutorials on Technology and a lot more to come!!

If you are a tech enthusiast and a hobby horse, is a good place you can trust upon. All you need to do is fill the contributor form on our “Contact Us” page and I will get in touch with you.

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Akash Mohol
Akash is an Entrepreneur, Engineer from Pune, India. He is a tech-blogger, life-enthusiast. Akash is also a believer. Follow him on Twitter.
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Sarang Suryawanshi
Sarang Suryawanshi is an Engineer from Pune, India. He is a Developer at He is also CEO/Founder of
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Jyoti Gakre
Jyoti Gakre is a Power Engineer from Nagpur, India. She's a university gold medalist who works in power plant sector and is an Editor at Follow her on Linkedin.
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Joy Nicolas
Graphic Designer
Joy Nicolas is a Design Enthusiast, an illustrator from Pune, India. He is Graphics Designer at TesserWorks. Joy is also a Founder of When not designing, a cup of Coffee, soft music, a piece of paper and pencil makes him Tick. Follow him on Twitter.

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