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20 Awesome Telegram Messenger App Tricks[ How to Use]

A couple of years ago, SMS(Short Messaging Service) was the only way you could send information to someone in the form of text. Although SMS service allowed us to send messages in text, it was slow, had security issues, and obviously, it was boring.

Later, iOS was introduced on June 29, 2007, followed by Android on September 23, 2008. The iOS and the Android introduced various messaging apps, that not only changed the way of sending text, but it also changed the world by letting users send text, photos, videos, files over text.

The Telegram Messenger App made its debut in August 2013, when WhatsApp Messenger was already on top of everyone’s list. However, Telegram introduced few phenomenal features that made it everyone’s favorite in no time viz. end-to-end encryption, availability on most platforms, its open source nature for the developers, and the list is ON since then.

Due to this distinct features, the Telegram users are increasing day by day and if you are one of them, I would like to share these 20 awesome Telegram Messenger App Tricks with you:

1. Secret Chat with Self-Destruct Timer

Most of the times when you chat with someone, you are worried about your privacy, that would someone hack or read your personal stuff over the internet viz. the images you share, any personal content, classified info, bank passwords etc.

Telegram ensures your complete safety with this feature, it provides you with End-to-end encryption, it has a self-destruct timer that leaves no trace on their servers, and the best is, it does not allow forwarding.

How to use: 

  • To start a secret chat, tap on the pencil or new message symbol at the bottom right corner>new secret chat> and select the contact to start a secret chat.
  • You can refer the screenshots given below.









  • To activate Self-Destruct Timer, click the three dots> click set self-destruct> select the time as per your requirement> hit-Done.


2. Secure Account by Local Passcode:

Normally, to protect our personal chats from unwanted access, we install the Third party apps like Applock to protect it with a password. With Telegram Messenger, you get it inbuilt.

How to set it:

  • You need to go to the menu> settings> Privacy and Security> Passcode Lock> Turn ON the passcode lock button>Enter your passcode> Confirm password. Pretty simple, isn’t it?
  • Refer the screenshots below:






3. Pin your Favourite chat or Channel to the top:

When you chat daily, a number of contacts are accumulated on your chat box and you may find your favorite contact far below in the chat list. It may get irritating sometimes when you have to scroll down to the particular contact. To avoid this telegram gives you an awesome feature or a trick, you can simply pin your favorite chats to the top.

How to set it: 

  • To do so, go to the contact list> tap any contact for 2 seconds> select pin to the top option > and you’re Done. You get your favorite contact pinned to the top.
  • Check the Screenshot Below:







4. Emoji shortcuts:

Today, everyone is familiar with emojis, Isn’t it? But for those who don’t know, Emojis are small sized images or icons used to express certain feelings viz. Love, Anger, Hate, Happy etc..

The telegram has a bunch of such emojis that gives an exact idea of your mood. However, sometimes you may waste your time finding perfect emojis for your chats. So, telegram has a unique feature, most of the emojis are linked to a specific smiley.

Unfortunately, all smileys are not linked to each emoji present. You will get the perfect example in the given screenshot below:








5. Telegram Masks & Photo Editor:

To make your texting experience more interesting rather than boring, telegram has got this really cool feature called as Telegram Masks like the Snapchat App. Using the Telegram Photo Editor you can add masks to your photos on the go. It’s really simple and anyone can do it, you just need to choose a mask from the hundreds of available options.

How to Use:

To do so, capture or choose any picture from the gallery> once you select the picture- tap the brush icon> then tap smiley icon next to it> a number of masks will appear> choose any mask you like>adjust accordingly>hit done. Pretty cool! Isn’t it?


6. Create Quick GIF’s using the Telegram Camera:

Creating GIF videos was never so easy. Telegram gives us this privilege, with the telegram camera you can create quick GIF videos to add some fun to your texting experience. Say ta-ta to the third party apps.

How to Create:

  • To do so, simply record a video in Telegram> then hit the Mute icon> the video will turn into an auto-played GIF. The video will be saved to your GIFs section.
  • Bonus: You can quickly react to anything with a set of your own prerecorded GIF-emotions. Cool, Isn’t it?


7. Share Large Files:

Normally, when you share a file using other messaging apps, you need to be aware of the file size. As other apps keep their sharing size restricted to certain MB’s. Thankfully, Telegram allows you to share or receive media or files up to 1.5 GB. It also gives you a choice to manage your media auto-download settings.

Meaning, as telegram allows you to share and receive data up to 1.5 GB, there is a possibility you may end up exhausting all your data pack when you receive such big files and you accidently download it. So you can set when to download media files viz, on Mobile data, WiFi or Roaming.

How to do the Settings:

To do so, go to the data and storage in settings> automatic media download gives you the options when to download, choose accordingly.











8. Clear Cache:

Telegram uses very less space, but you can manually clear the local cache to free up some space on your device. Unless you clear the cache manually, telegram will keep it all backed up in the cloud storage with no limitations.

To do so, go to the settings> data and storage> storage usage> tap clear cache> and select what cache you want to clear.


9. Check Active Sessions:

The Telegram app has a unique feature that other messenger apps doesn’t have, you can use telegram on multiple devices, you can check for the active sessions and terminate all other sessions. Meaning, you can use one telegram account on devices like your laptop, windows phone, tablet etc, you don’t need to keep it signing in again and again like WhatsApp.

You can keep the devices you want or either terminate it manually. It also has a standalone desktop app which does not require your phone to be connected to your PC unlike WhatsApp.

To check the active sessions:

  • Go to the settings> privacy and security> active sessions> you get all your active sessions list>terminate the unwanted sessions by tapping on it manually.









10. Find users by username:

The Best trick about the telegram that I like very much is the find by username feature. This feature allows you to chat with a person even if you don’t have his phone number in actual.

How to find: To find any user by his username, all you have to do is tap the “New Message” icon at the bottom right corner and enter the person’s username you want to chat with. The app will suggest all the usernames related to the keyword which you’ve written.

You will get the better picture from the given screenshot below:










11. Telegram Bots:

Telegram bots are nothing but simple telegram accounts, that can be coded and used to add more features to the telegram user experience like find, play, broadcast, edit etc. You can create bots using BotFather or simply search for bots using the Telegram store Bot

Sample Bots you may Like:

  • @TechCrunch- this bot keeps you up to date with the latest tech news everyday.
  • @ImageBot- this bot sends you pictures relevant to your keyword.
  • @Telegram Store Bot- this bot will help you find new bots by category, top chart, and best.
  • @RateStickerBot- this bot allows you to rate or find random stickers sets.

You can find such bots from the Telegram Bot Store or directly search them from the new message section.










12.Personal Storage:

It has always been a difficult choice whether to delete or store your favorite photos, videos or GIFs in order to save space. Some of you might be spending a lot of money on cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive etc to keep our favorite data backup.

Thankfully, telegram cares about you, It gives you a built-in personal cloud storage. So, you never have to compromise with your favorite stuff, you just need to forward or send media files to your personal cloud, it’s just like chatting with yourself. Moreover, you can access this chat from any device.

How to find your Personal Cloud Storage:

You just need to go to the menu> hit the cloud icon on the right side of your profile picture> and start storing the data you want. It’s that Simple.





13. Custom Notifications with LED Color:

Telegram not only allows you to set different LED color for your Message notifications, but it also gives you a choice to select LED Color for your Group notifications. It also allows you to select custom LED color for your individual contacts.

To set LED color for Message Notifications:

  • go to the notifications and Sounds in the menu>  tap on LED Color button from the Message notifications section> select LED Color as per your choice.

To set LED color for a Group:

  • go to the notifications and Sounds in the menu>  tap on LED Color button from the Group notifications section> select LED Color as per your choice.









To set LED color for an Individual:

  • go to the individual contact> tap notifications> customize> and hit the LED color button> a list of LED color will pop up> select as per choice.
  • You also get options to select general sound and popup notification settings.









Note: To set custom LED notification color, you should have LED Enabled device. 


14. Add a Contact Shortcut:

If you are a traveler or a text addict, there is a good news for you. To boost up your texting experience or to save your time,  you can now add contact shortcut icons to your home screen.

To do so, go to the particular contact info> hit the three dots> and select add shortcut option. The contact gets added to your home screen.










15. Pop-up Reply:

Apparently, pop-up notifications can be infuriating sometimes, but they give you a bonus, as they allow you to directly reply to your messages from the notification bar itself.

To set the pop-up notifications:

  • go to the settings> notifications and sounds> popup notifications > select as per your convenience.
  • It gives you 4 options- no popup, screen on, screen off, and always show a popup.










16. Hide Last Seen for Unwanted Contacts:

Now, I am in love with this feature. Although a lot of messaging apps has a feature to hide the last seen for all users, telegram gives you a bonus feature viz. when you set your Last Seen, you can set exceptions for particular contacts.  Moreover, this feature keeps your personal space more secured from those annoying and unwanted contacts, as you can manually set whom to show your Last Seen. Brilliant! Isn’t it?

How to set it up:

  • go to the settings> privacy and security> last seen> add exceptions>add users.










17. Checking Messages without Coming Online:

Well, this is one of the coolest tricks you could try on any other Messenger Apps. When you want to avoid a particular person for whatever reasons, this trick will work best for you. You can read the messages without letting them know that you have already read the messages.

To do so, you just need to turn off your Mobile data, WiFi, any other data connection, or simply put your phone on Airplane mode> open the app> read the messages from the particular contact> close the app> turn on the Data again.

As simple as that, I came to know about it when I accidently put my phone on Airplane mode and the person didn’t even know that, I read his messages.:D


18. Upgrade Groups to Super Groups:

With this feature, you can turn your normal groups into Super Groups anytime. A normal group comes with a limit to add 200 members per group, whereas Super Groups are larger groups that allow you to add members with the capacity of 5000 members. Previously, telegram allowed you to add 1000 members per super group, later with the recent update the capacity was increased to 5000 members.

How to upgrade:

  • To do so, go to any group> check group information>tap three dots> select Convert to Supergroup option>reselect the Convert to SuperGroup option and you are done.

Note: Once you convert any group into Supergroup, you cannot turn it into the normal group again. This action is irreversible.

  • Upgrading to supergroup gives you a power packed features like, new members can check the older message history, deleted messages will disappear for all members, creators can send a public link.
  • For normal groups, you can also set admins.










19. Create Telegram Channel:

You can create your own channel. This feature is getting popular among blogs and websites, if you have one, you can broadcast messages to the unlimited number of subscribers in your channel.

Moreover, the channel has a whole lot of features like sharing permanent URL for quick join, new users can see entire broadcast history, each message has its own view counter and it gives you a choice to leave and join channel anytime.

How to Create one:

  • To create a channel go to the menu> new channel> add channel name and relevant description> select channel type Public or Private, create your link and tap the right button.

It is important to note, Public channels can be found in search and anyone can join them. However, Private channels can only be joined via an invite link.










20. Create APIs:

Today, the Telegram APIs are on top of every developer’s list. Telegram provides you with two type of APIs

  1. Bot API- bots can be created using bot API, which further can be created using BotFather to add more functionality to the user experience.
  2. Telegram API- The Developers can use this APIs to create their own customized messaging applications on the telegram app, the best thing is it is 100% free to use.

This is why I prefer Telegram App over other messaging platforms.

Disclaimer: All above tricks are based on a personal experience. We will keep updating the list. If you know more tricks, let us know in the comments section below. 😀


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